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      Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Bombay Medical Aid Foundation?

Ans.  Bombay Medical Aid Foundation is a Trust, which renders financial help to poor and needy patients for their heart surgery and various other surgeries and treatment as required.


2. How it is different from other organizations?

Ans. Since it is run by Volunteers the administrative cost is only 0.5%.


3. How qualified are the people who run Bombay Medical Aid Foundation?

Ans.Please check trustee page.


4. How are you funded?

Ans. Donations from our Patrons and well wishers.


5. What are your priorities for support?

Ans. Deserving patients from the low income segment, who are basically admitted in General ward.


6. Does Bombay Medical Aid Foundation offer Aid for any illness?

Ans. YES, Chronic Illness.


7. Does Bombay Medical Aid Foundation offer Aid for patients admitted in any Hospital?

Ans. YES


8. Does Bombay Medical Aid Foundation offer residential facility for its patients?

Ans. Patients who required surgery or any treatments which requires hospitalization are admitted in Swami Shraddhanand Hospital, Nirmal, Vasai, Dist Thane, Maharashtra, India. This Hospital is run by Bombay Medical Aid Foundation


9. Who is eligible to get AID from Bombay Medical AID Foundation?

Ans. All patients from low income group are extended aid as per the requirement provided approved by the scrutinizing committee.


10. What is the procedure to get AID?

Ans. Application has to be given to Bombay Medical Aid Foundation by the patients or their relatives. Recommendation of the Doctors along with Cost Estimate should be enclosed with Application. Social Workers of Govt. Hospitals send their recommend the patient along with duly filled from, giving details. Also they certify the details of the patients, has her family along with Estimate of treatment.


11. Does it have tie-ups with other recognized organization?

Ans. No


12. Does Bombay Medical Aid Foundations have government funding?

Ans. No.


13. What is the legal status of Bombay Medical Aid Foundation?

Ans. It is registered body, registered with the Charity Commissioner Govt. of Maharashtra, India.


14. How old is Bombay Medical Aid Foundation?

Ans. Bombay Medical Aid Foundation was registered in 1979.  

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